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Financial Engineering Program

Financial Engineering Program


CEG partners with Stanford Department of Management Science and Engineering and Stanford Center for Professional Development to offer an innovative Financial Engineering Program in Hong Kong. The six-month program provides part-time training in the application of engineering methodologies and quantitative methods to finance. The program, taught by Stanford faculty in Hong Kong, is designed for those individuals who wish to obtain positions in the securities, banking, financial management and consulting industries, or as quantitative analysts in corporate treasury and finance departments of general manufacturing and service firms.

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 Program Features
• A 5-module program delivered in Hong Kong.
• Courses emphasize the practical applications of investment banking, risk management and financial engineering skills. 
• Covers comprehensive technical knowledge of arbitrage, hedging, futures and options pricing, portfolio management, trading, and dynamic investment strategies in bond, currency, options, and other financial markets. 
• Extensive use of cases to illustrate financial decisions in different environments, especially in highly regulated emerging markets such as China. Learn successful valuation and pricing models for different financial instruments embedded with market liquidity premiums.
• Learn "best practice" risk management concepts including country risk, credit risk, risk identification and measurement, liquidity risk management, using both quantitative and qualitative metrics. 
• Learn from experts about China's stock market, banking system, foreign direct investment and the process of bringing a listing a PRC company on the stock exchange of Hong Kong.

 Program Advantages
• Opportunity to obtain a MS degree from Stanford University upon successful admission. Become a graduate of one of the world's most prestigious universities.
• Prepared for careers in: Investment Banking, Hedge Fund, Corporate Strategic Planning, Risk Management, Primary and Derivative Securities Valuation, Financial Information Systems Management, Portfolio Management and Securities Trading. 
• Learn lessons from the past and current financial and credit market turmoil, and its implications to financial institutions. Equipped with the latest tools and practical quantitative skills required for a successful career in risk management. 
• Share insights and establish personal and professional networks with other high caliber students.

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